First Time Home Buyers

Don’t let lead or asbestos ruin your dream home!

For many people buying their first house, the presence of lead, asbestos or other hazardous materials can scare them off of buying an older home. This worry can cause many to overlook the charm and good value of older homes in favor of more expensive, newer homes.

Don’t be scared off of older homes! A professional, reliable contractor like A & S Construction and Demo can quickly address any lead hazards in a home; whether it is scraping and removing old paint, safely encapsulating harmful areas or even full reproduction/replacement of hazardous home features.

With A & S Construction and Demo as your partner, you can feel confident in your family’s safety in any home, regardless of age.


Small Landlords

Be Confident in the Safety of Your Tenants

In Massachusetts, landlords are required to delead any units in which a child under six resides.┬áIf they don’t, they are liable for any lead poisoning that happens to one of their tenants, regardless of whatever waiver or acknowledgement they may have had them sign. Continuing to lease a property where you suspect lead may be present is not only a public health hazard but also risks a financially ruinous lawsuit.

For the safety of your investment and the safety of your tenants, we strongly recommend all landlords delead their properties.

At A & S Construction and Demo, we are your ideal partner for ensuring your units comply with the Massachusetts State Lead Law. We offer a full range of abatement and removal services: from scraping to encapsulation to full replacement and restoration. We can offer Interim Control to stabilize emergency lead situations as well as full remediation to guarantee a Letter of Full Compliance.

Property Managers

Your Optimal Lead & Asbestos Partner

When a hazardous material is found in one of your properties, you want it addressed immediately by someone you can trust to get the job done. Our professional team will get you a fast and reliable estimate for any asbestos or lead removal, remediation or abatement job.

We bring a talented team of licensed and bonded contractors that will ensure your job is completed to the highest standards. We have experience with deleading both occupied and vacant apartments and will get your tenants safely back into their homes as quickly as possible.

We guarantee that our jobs will pass re-inspection.

Commercial & Industrial Contractors

No Job is Too Big for Our Experienced Team

If you are a contractor working on a large scale demolition or renovation, A & S Construction and Demo is your ideal subcontractor to ensure the safe removal and abatement of hazardous materials including lead, asbestos, mold and more. We bring our unparalleled customer service and experience to jobs of any scale.

We have the professional crew and equipment to ensure a smooth process for you and your client. Our past clients have ranged from single family home developers in need of abatement prior to demolition, right up to large scale commercial construction firms working on major projects including hospitals, schools and municipal/state projects.

A&S Construction and Demolition is Your Top Choice for a Reliable, Professional Subcontractor
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